Dear Mom,

You’ve always stay strong for all of us, stayed positive for our family that everything will be alright in God’s time. I admire you for being such a strong woman and being our mom and at the same time our dad since dad’s been gone. I couldn’t thank you enough or say enough words to…

Dear Crush,


I wish you knew how special you are to me. I wish you were in my place to know how much it hurts me seeing you fall for somebody else. While you’re with someone else, I’m here trying my best to be there for you. When you hit rock bottom, I’d do anything just to make you happy. I’m more than…

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"A believer of movies."

Sometimes, in this revolving world of ours, you have and you need to be perfect just to gain respect. But that’s too awful. No matter who and what you are, you deserve to be respected. Maybe yes, you can’t be liked by everybody, but I think for at least you MUST be respected by all. 

"God gave me so much more than I deserve."

Silver Liningsssss!!!!!!!!

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